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Leslie & Nico  

(photo above) 

Married August 24, 2007 

Dear Scott, We are so grateful you captured the most important milestones in our family - from our wedding in 2007 and then with our daughter twice in 2009. Although we live in London we refuse to have any other photographer take our pictures. Not only are your photos AMAZING...BEAUTIFUL... but you’re a true professional, cool, patient, have great communication and we receive photos in such a timely manner! We proudly display a lot of your photos in our home and we constantly get compliments– a lot of our friends would love to have you here in London! It was a process trying to find a photographer for a wedding in L.A. since we live in London – but I knew that we were in great hands when we met you and saw your work. Our wedding day was beautiful, we had so much fun and it truly shows on all the photos. You captured the very essence of our special day. Every time we see them we’re instantly transported right back to our wedding ... and that’s exactly what a photo should do. I will never forget 2 memories of you on our wedding day: 1) While we were all getting ready in the hotel you offered my father to take a picture with his camera (a disposal no less!) as he couldn’t get the right angle. I must say this was very sweet! To take the time out and consideration for my family was very kind! And 2) While we were in traffic (in true L.A. fashion) getting to the restaurant reception, along the Pacific Coast Highway, you stopped your car in front of our limo and started taking photos!!! This was incredible! For a brief moment we felt like celebrities with the paparazzi – and such great impromptu shots! And finally, since we’ve had our daughter in 2008 we knew we wanted to hire you again. Thank you thank you!!! It’s true what they say in that “they grow up so quickly” ... and so we will treasure all the moments you’ve captured so BEAUTIFULLY. And we look forward to working with you again when we’re back in Los Angeles! Love from London! Leslie, Nico and Leia 


Katie & Daniel 

Married July 10th, 2010 

Dear Scott, 

A photographer is by far the most important decision a bride can make since photos are all you have of the special day when it is over. I have to say I made the best decision when I chose you. Our wedding pictures are amazing! Daniel and I want to thank you for being so professional and prepared. We also thank you for traveling all the way to Kentucky for us! We just wouldn’t have had it any other way. Although you had never been to our little town you took the extra time to scope out the locations and plan group shots. The special planning made our picture taking smooth and quick so that we could get to the reception. You really captured our wonderful day from beginning to end. I love looking back at the reception pictures to see our guests having such a great time. Everyone has just raved over how great my wedding photos are making me the envy of all my friends that have recently gotten married. I ended up with over 1,600 amazing pictures of the big day. All the guests said they had never seen a photographer work as hard as you did. We just can’t rave about you enough! As the bride you plan so much for the big day and then on that day you realize you never got to see the guys getting ready, the bridesmaids coming down the aisle, or that special look in your husband’s eye when the doors open but your pictures captured every one of these special moments now frozen in time forever! Thank you again and I hope you will take many more photos for us in the future. 


Rema & Adam 

Married July 18th, 2009 

Dear Scott, 

A simple 'thank you' just doesn't seem like enough for giving us the lasting memories from our special day. I have been to a lot of weddings, but I have never seen a photographer work so hard and be so dedicated to caputring all the moments (even ones that we didn't know were happening!) from the day. Our pictures are absolutely breathtaking...you have a brilliant and creative eye to know what shots and angles to photograph. Although we got married in Michigan, some of our pictures look like they were taken in Hawaii and the countryside! Not only did you make my husband and I feel so comfortable throughout the day, but so many of our guests commented on how wonderful you were! The only problem we had was choosing our favorite pictures...because there were SO many! We'll never be able to truly thank you for everything you did, but we will treasure our photos for our lifetime.